Health Management And Awareness Program for Schools (Health-MAPS)

Why Health Management & Awareness Program for Schools (Health MAPS)?

Why is it needed?

What will be the benefit?

Is it happening somewhere?

These are the questions that prop up as one listens the heading. We will try to answer all these questions.

In recent times, when billions are being spent on provision of quality education, little is being done regarding health to improve performance standards of our talented children. We believe that every student is important and vital. However, less attention is paid to educate them on proper diet, grooming and nourishment. Not only students, but their parents also need authentic opinion to provide the best possible support environment. Most of our children might excel in academics, sports and life; provided they are fit physically, mentally and emotionally. Peak performance remains a dream until translated into reality by the vigor of a healthy individual.

What schools we are looking for? A school that is a name to be reckoned with on the educational landscape of the city. The name that is synonymous with quality and excellence. Those who have a definite focus on the performance standards of their students by providing quality education.

Health MAPS may help you do wonders by improving performance level of your students by helping them stay healthy, agile and active. Healthy students have lesser leaves, better participation and better results.

What we do? Health MAPS Team monitors growth & health of the students starting from 3 years to 18 years at regular intervals. It provides vital information to
students and parents to help them adopt life style and habits which lead to a healthy life. It helps school management maintain a school environment congenial to learning and health by counseling on the provision of proper physical environment, classroom furniture, lighting & sounds, air flow, break during study, opportunity for physical exercise, non-accidental buildings and grounds, hygienic canteens & toilets etc. we counsel parents on any hidden problem which, God forbid, may grow into some fatal disorder in the future.

What we aim for? Health MAPS strives for “Healthy children—Healthy Nation” through a program of continuous physical and mental growth assessment of the school children from play group to intermediate.

How we do it? We deliver through a 4 monthly physical check up with computerized record of weight, height, head circumference, chest circumference, mid upper arm circumference, general physique, blood pressure, body mass index, tonsils, teeth, ears, eyes, heart, chest, abdomen, testis and throat. Students and teachers are delivered Health Essentials, a session in every 3 months on healthy living style and habits by a Child specialist, Eye specialist, ENT specialist or Dentist etc. We computerize the all records and compare growth with the WHO’s (World Health Organization) recent growth charts/Standards. If the growth of a child is falling short from normal at any examination, we send a letter to the parents and suggest having thorough examination of their child. And all this is done on nominal cost as a non-profit project.

Has this model been tested & worked? We have piloted Health MAPS with couple of local schools and they have found it very rewarding.

It would be our pleasure to include your prestigious school in the noble campaign of “Healthy Children-Healthy Nation”. If you find Health MAPS convincing enough, please write or call for a meeting in person to customize it for your school. The growth assessment card with sample can be seen on the link.